Offer your customers contactless menu in seconds

Germ free + Eco-friendly paperless solution

A safe and cost-effective alternative to paper menus.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our everyday interaction with the outside world, with public spaces, and even with one another, has come under intense scrutiny. Safety and hygiene have become top priorities. Hence the need for a contactless menu.

Simple and Fast to view menu

Place your unique QR code on counters, tables, or doors for customers to scan. Your unique QR code will work with all smart phones

  • 1 Open any
camera app
  • 2 Point at the 
QR code
  • 3 Click the link
View Menu

No external app downloads required

Why choose contactless menu?

There is more than one reason to use our digital menu solution:

Works with any 
Works with any 

No external app 
downloads required
No external app 
downloads required
Save cost on 
Design & Printing
Easy to read and 
view on any device
Easy to read and 
view on any device
Easy to use 
back-end template
Can be set up and 
ready to go rightaway 

Can be set up and 
ready to go right away
Print in-house
Ready to Print in House
Eco friendly alternative
No comissions
No Commissions on Sales
Germ free
Germ Free Completely Touchless

Need paper? we got you covered

Print your menu inhouse within seconds. No need to wait on the designer or the printer. Just click print and you can have a printed version in seconds.

We take

Other providers charge up to 35% commission
on each sale to use their service.

We provide the signage

Various signage options

Let your customers know about contactless menu with various signage options. 

Social media assets

Social media ready

We can provide you with various templates with your QR code that you can use for your social media channels to communicate your new menu.

easy to use backend

User friendly backend

Web based simple CMS to modify your information. With a couple of clicks your menu can be updated anytime, anywhere. Even from your smartphone

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